Special Projects are initiatives selected by the VPC board as key issues or concerns to be addressed. They may involve a special study, or they may involve coordinating support or opposition to a specific policy, development, zoning change, or special exception request. Each special project must have a board sponsor who accepts responsibility for coordination of the effort and fundraising.

Special Projects do not utilize general operating funds, rather, any funding required is raised from members and other residents with the most direct concerns. Funds are often needed for consultants, expert witnesses, and/or legal counsel. Expenditures range from $500 to over $100,000 depending on the scope and complexity of the project. In cases where a legal process is involved, special projects can take a year or more to resolve. While sometimes time-consuming and expensive, special projects often set helpful precedents and avoid setting harmful precedents. The VPC has had many successes that have helped maintain our influence and reinforced our presence as a knowledgeable and engaged force in the county.

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