Project Description

The Stemmer House (2627 Caves Road, Owings Mills, MD) was built c. 1761 and is one of Maryland’s outstanding Georgian houses. VPC is working with the community to protect this Baltimore County Historic Landmark and its environmental setting.

Background: VPC opposed a development proposal in 2004-05, when this property and an adjoining property were slated for development. The zoning commissioner denied the development based on adverse impacts to the Caves Valley Historic District and environmental issues regarding stormwater management and steep slopes.

Current status: The owner filed a development plan in 2015 to subdivide the beautiful 24+ acres of gardens into 5 lots (the historic house on a 3+ acre lot plus 4 new lots). VPC is opposing this inappropriate development that will negatively impact the Caves Valley Historic District. This proposed development will increase storm water run-off and sediment in the North Branch of the Jones Falls. Three of the four houses now proposed were denied in the prior decision.

Hearings began in 2016. Decisions were appealed; the Courts of Special Appeals remanded the case back to the administrative law judge, whose order allowed the development. That decision was appealed to the Board of Appeals, which also allowed the development. VPC appealed the Board of Appeals decision to Circuit Court; the case was heard there May 1, 2023, and resulted in an unfavorable decision. It is now being appealed to the Court of Special Appeals.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to VPC to help offset expenses related to this special project, including legal fees, please send a check to VPC, PO Box 5402, Towson, MD 21285 and add Stemmer House in the memo line. Online contributions can also be made by clicking on the “DONATE” button below and selecting Stemmer House from the dropdown menu.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting the Caves Valley Historic District and for your generous support of VPC.