Project Description

The Valleys Planning Council and the Greater Greenspring Association (GGA), along with numerous members of the community, are concerned about a proposed service road that would allow travelers from Painters Mill Road to use St. Thomas Lane, a narrow, rural-residential road, as a bypass to reach points to the east.

A developer who is planning to build a new business on Reisterstown Road is being required by the County to put in a continuation of an existing service road that currently extends south from Rosewood Lane. This would require the builder to receive a parking variance much larger than what would be needed without the road – 14 spaces with the road, just 1 space without it. An area that would otherwise provide parking for the new business as well as a second one would instead be the service road.

Councilman Patoka has weighed in and agrees there is no need for the road. In fact, during the development of Foundry Row, located across the street from where the service road is proposed, the State Highway Administration installed a concrete median along Reisterstown Road to prevent traffic coming from Painters Mill Road from using St. Thomas Lane as a cut-through.

The community does not want the service road. The developer doesn’t want the service road. A hearing was held April 26 to decide if the parking variance should be granted. VPC and GGA have met with the County, which agreed that it does not need to require the service road. The plan will be amended to show a parking lot instead of the service road. We have also asked the County to sign an agreement that will be recorded in the land records so that the service road will never be extended to St. Thomas Lane.

More than 150 people signed a virtual petition opposing the service road. VPC and GGA are happy to have represented so many residents. We hope you will consider making a donation to cover the costs of legal representation. All donations to the VPC are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.