Project Description


Greenspring Manor is a 61-home development proposed for a 33-acre property on Joppa Road next to Greenspring Station. The Valleys Planning Council is opposed to the development based on sewer, traffic, and environmental issues. We assisted several neighborhoods near the proposed development to present information showing why the site is not appropriate for 60 additional homes.

There were 13 days of hearings before an administrative law judge, concluding May 31, 2023. Both sides submitted briefs, as did People’s Counsel. The judge rendered her decision on July 31, denying the request to build the development, based on failing traffic intersections and inadquate sewer capacity, as well as the section of Mays Chapel Road that will be open to through traffic only for emergencies.

The developer filed a request for reconsideration. The developer felt it should be allowed to call a representative of the Department of Public Works and Transportation to testify regarding the sewer issues, an option it had but did not exercise for the duration of the 8-month hearing. The developer also said it would amend the development plan to show Mays Chapel Road as being open to through traffic at all times.

The administrative law judge has granted the request for reconsideration. This means at least one more day of hearings.

To read the full decision, please click here. To read the request for reconsideration, click here. To read the response to the request for reconsideration, click here. Finally, to read the administrative law judge’s decision to grant the request for reconsideration, click here.


Greenspring Manor is a 61-home development planned by Atapco Properties for 2310 West Joppa Road, next to Greenspring Station on the Lankford property. Impact is anticipated on neighborhoods including Heatherfield, The Meadows, Boxwood, and Seminary Ridge. The property is zoned for the intended use.

The Falls Road/Joppa Road intersection is failing. Based on that, the county is precluded from allowing the development. Atapco has shown plans to improve the intersection. It claims that even with increased traffic resulting from the development, the intersection would no longer be rated F. It is unclear what effect the improvements will have on two other failing intersections, Falls/Greenspring Valley and Falls/West Seminary.

Atapco’s plans show Mays Chapel Road to be blocked off by removable bollards. It is unclear if or for how long that road would remain blocked. Keeping it blocked would increase traffic for some neighborhoods and decrease it for others.

Atapco also has plans to replace two failing sections of sewer, upgrading from 8” lines to 12” lines. Six more sections of sewer were supposed to be replaced several years ago. It is not clear if and when, or by whom, those sections will be replaced and upgraded, or if that will entirely eliminate the sewer issues. To view the area covered by the Jones Falls sewer shed, which includes Greenspring Manor and the surrounding neighborhoods, click here.

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