Project Description


A request has been made to grant a special exception on parts of two parcels of land at 3366 Belmont Avenue. A barn is located on one of the parcels, outline in green, while a house is located on the other parcel, outlined in blue. The special exception area is outlined in red.

The special exception request is to allow spirits manufacture, including accessory retail and wholesale distribution of spirits on the premises, and temporary promotional events, such as spirits tasting or public gatherings associated with the distillery. A special hearing is also requested, to have the Administrative Law Judge approve a modified parking plan. Requested variances included permitting a parking area with no screening or landscaping, to permit a parking area to not have a durable and dustless surface, and to permit a parking area to not be striped.

The Valleys Planning Council and other interested parties are opposing the request for a special exception. A hearing was scheduled for August 21. It has been postponed and not yet rescheduled. When a request for a special exception is made, an administrative law judge hears the case and renders a decision based on evidence presented by both sides.

Please check back here for updates as to when the hearing is scheduled and how to attend.


Sign a petition that will be submitted as evidence to the administrative law judge.

The petition reads: “I am opposed to the granting of a special exception for “spirits manufacture” and other relief requested for the property at 3366 Belmont Avenue. The requested relief should be denied for many reasons, including the impact on the aquifer that supplies water to wells in the neighborhood;the congestion and safety issues caused by increased traffic on the surrounding narrow country roads; the noise caused by the proposed gatherings and other activities associated with the use; the inappropriateness of the proposed use in a National Historic District; and other issues that would have adverse impacts and make the use incompatible with the surrounding area.”

VPC will collect the names of all petition signers, along with any associated comments. To sign, please click the button below.

Make a tax-deductible contribution to VPC to help offset expenses related to this special project. VPC has retained an attorney and will engage expert witnesses as appropriate. All contributions fund legal expenses and expert witnesses.

Please send a check to VPC, PO Box 5402, Towson, MD 21285 and add “3366 Belmont Avenue” in the memo line, or click “Make a Contribution Online” below to pay with credit/debit card.