Hot off the press: Optimal Solar Siting Study for Baltimore County and Baltimore City

Today, the Chesapeake Conservancy released a long-awaited study identifying potential optimal solar sites in Baltimore County and Baltimore City. The study used high-resolution land cover and other data to evaluate available degraded land, rooftop, and parking areas that were most likely to be suitable for solar panels. Ample optimal sites were found as illustrated in the chart below. The full study is available online. The hope is that finite prime farmland and valuable resource land can be spared from this land-intensive use, which can go on many kinds of structures and land, often with benefits of co-location.  Click here to view the study.  Click here to read the Press Release.

Optimal Solar Siting Study Results for Baltimore County
Optimal Solar SiteSuitable AcresPotential Power Generation in GWh/yr% of Sites Needed to Reach State Goal
Degraded land1,1161,71962%