If you haven’t already done so, please take a spin on YOUR new roundabout in the Worthington Valley. Final paving was completed on November 12, and the traffic is flowing well. Landscaping and final touches are still in progress and should be finished in early December, and the final step will be to plant the inside portion of the roundabout. When all is completed, this will be a fitting gateway to the Worthington Valley and a great complement the Horses and Hounds Scenic Byway.

This context-sensitive design will provide improved flow and safety at this intersection. Residents can now safely make a left turn from Tufton onto Greenspring. As you can see in the video taken on November 16, 2017, traffic from all directions is flowing well and motorists are getting the hang of using the new traffic facility. When approaching the roundabout, the most important thing to remember is that all traffic entering the roundabout must yield to vehicles already in the circle.

Tips for navigating the new roundabout

  • Reduce speed as you approach
  • Yield to all vehicles already in the circle
  • do not enter beside a car coming around
  • cars inside the circle have the right-of-way and can change lanes to prepare for exiting
  • Watch for cyclists and treat them like a vehicle; they have the right-of-way when they are inside the circle
  • do not enter beside a bicycle that is already inside the circle
  • yield to them and let them move ahead of you as you would any other vehicle

For more tips on driving in roundabouts, please visit SHA’s site: http://www.roads.maryland.gov/Index.aspx?PageId=287