Baltimore County’s Department of Public Works (DPW) has posted plans for the widening of the Shawan Road/Cuba Road/Beaver Dam Road intersection. They are receiving comments through the end of March.

VPC has had many hours of discussion with DPW about roads in general and proposed improvements to this intersection in particular. We had hoped to find an alternative, context-sensitive solution that would maintain the rural feel of the area while making modest flow improvements. Our concern is that standard improvements that accommodate more traffic tend to invite more traffic volume and greater speeds. Since Shawan/Tufton is one of the state’s most beautiful scenic byways, VPC leaders felt that this intersection deserved special treatment and the utmost care in ensuring that any improvement would prevent sprawl from creeping westward.

The current plan calls for an additional lane in all directions. If you would like your voice to be heard on the design, you should respond to the invitation for comments and tell the county traffic planners how you feel.   While this intersection is far along in the design process, truthfully portraying your views on this could be helpful in modifying this design or in other matters, especially potential further changes to Shawan Road/Tufton Avenue.