VPC members and friends helped make a spectacular weekend celebration for the VPC’s 50th anniversary. The gala and film premiere at the Baltimore Museum of Art was a sold-out affair, and the Saturday Farm Fair was well-attended by families who enjoyed the wide variety of outdoor activities at the 100-acre field on Tufton Avenue. The new film on VPC’s efforts to curb sprawl development and preserve working, rural lands was a hit. The filmmaker, Allen Moore, is busy with some final tweaking. DVDs of the movie will be available in February 2013. A public showing of the film, “Designing With Nature…The Plan for the Valleys,” will be held at the MICA Brown Center on February 21, 2013.

The board and staff of the VPC would like to thank supporters of the organization, many of whom have been members for several decades. Quite a few have increased their contributions in light of the 50th anniversary, and that is very much appreciated. We our currently making the year-end push to get 2012 contributions in before December 31, so please help when you see that little envelope in the mailbox! The valley residents who support the VPC and provide us with ideas, reconnaisance and strength in numbers are what make the VPC so effective.