A Master Plan is being developed for Oregon Ridge Park. Consultants are evaluating ways to protect the forest and water resources, improve facilities, help the Nature Center serve residents, and adapt facilities to meet recreational needs. Focus groups, interviews and public surveys have been conducted to gather information. Community groups and the Oregon Ridge Rec Council are working with the consultants, the Department of Recreation & Parks, and each other to be sure that the focus remains on nature, environmental stewardship and education.

Not part of the Master Plan process was a proposal to invite a for-profit company to install ropes courses and ziplines at Oregon Ridge. The company could charge more than $60 per person to use their facilities. Rec & Parks heard the public outcry opposing the proposal and decided not to pursue it. We are hoping that it, and the consultant, listen to what the public is asking for and balance that with the reasons Oregon Ridge was created and how it is used today.

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