Edward A. (Ned) Halle was honored at the May 10 annual meeting of the Valleys Planning Council when he was named the 2011 recipient of the McHarg Award. Ned’s work in land preservation and expertise in easements was lauded, and it was noted that he has personally been involved in placing easements on over 18,000 acres of land in Baltimore County. Ned is one of the principals of the Land Preservation Trust, a local land trust that negotiates and holds easements on many properties. He is also known for his skills in developing deals for threatened properties, often working out a compromise that protects most or all of a rural property that is at risk of being developed.

In remarks to the VPC members, Ned provided an update on various easement funding programs and reminded the group that expanded federal tax incentives for donated easements have been extended for one more year. He encouraged anyone concerned about preserving the rural area to consider the many options available to donate or sell development rights.

The McHarg Award is named for Ian McHarg, a renowned landscape architect who penned The Plan for the Valleys along with David Wallace and Bill Roberts. McHarg died in 2001, and the VPC established the award that year in his memory. Individuals who have made lasting and visible contributions toward achieving the goals of the VPC are nominated by the board and a winner is chosen.

The VPC applauds Ned for his dedication to land preservation and his many achievements in helping to preserve the rural area, one property at a time. His efforts are adding up to impressive results that are readily apparent, and they will last more than a lifetime.