An island was removed (see dark paved area in left of photo) to allow room for thru-traffic to skirt around lef-turning vehicles at the intersection of Shawan Road and Falls Road.

Motorists heading west along the Shawan/Tufton scenic byway corridor may notice a difference at the intersection of Shawan/Falls. The Baltimore County Department of Public Works (DPW) removed a portion of a concrete island bordering the John Brown Store property to allow cars to skirt around vehicles awaiting a left-turn at the intersection. DPW’s goal in making this adjustment was to improve flow during evening rush hour. VPC is anxious to hear what members think of the change. Please email reactions to

DPW has moved telephone poles along Shawan Road at the intersection with Cuba and Beaver Dam roads in preparation for widening the intersection. A left-turn lane will be added in all directions.

The widening of the Shawan/Cuba intersection is still in the works. The construction is expected to begin in spring 2012 and be completed by the end of the year. The county plans to add a left-turn lane on all four approaches to the intersection.