Join the Valley Visionaries

The VPC established the Valley Visionaries to recognize and partner with individuals, families, and foundations who have include the Valleys Planning Council in their estate plans. By doing so, these individuals are helping to ensure that the beautiful lands they love will continue to be protected and championed for generations to come. We recommend and encourage you to speak with your financial or legal advisors before making any financial decisions.

Thoughts on Planned Giving

Richard “Rick” Rockwell passed away on March 24, 2016. He was a long-time member of the VPC Board of Directors and thoughtfully left a very generous bequest to the Valleys Planning Council. Recently, his wife Frances Rockwell shared the importance of estate planning and the impact planning ahead can make.

“Every time I think of the Valleys Planning Council, I think of Rick. He passed away so unexpectedly, but thankfully he was very strategic and creative regarding estate planning, which included remembering the VPC.”

“Rick believed in making a difference and supporting organizations that were near and dear to him, especially those that impacted the community in which he lived. He was mindful of where his gift could do the most good and have the greatest impact.  The Valleys Planning Council was a perfect fit.”

“While not focusing on one’s end of life, but recognizing the need for estate planning, Rick believed the VPC to be an excellent beneficiary of his IRA. Rick loved serving on the Board, as it gave him insight to the issues and concerns facing the valleys, the mission, and where help was needed most. He valued being with the people who helped build the vision and shape the changes most impacting this community. Rick wanted to support their important work and the need of the VPC with a bequest from his IRA. Where would we be, what would our region look like, if the VPC hadn’t been created in the 1960s? Supporting their work was important to him.”

“The wonderful impact from his IRA bequests was an early and unexpected eye opener to the benefits of thoughtful planning, and inspired me to put more thought into mine.”