HB1241, which would prohibit electric substations in Rural Legacy Areas if they are greater than 5 acres in size, has a hearing before the House Environmental Matters Committee on Friday, March 18. Attendance and letters of support are needed. 

For further information and information to help in letter writing please check out this link  ceds.org/emorygrove/HB1241_Factsheet.pdf. 

To contact the chair of the Environmental Matters Committee and express your support, please email: Delegate Maggie MacIntosh maggie.mcintosh@house.state.md.us. Two sample letters that can be adapted are provided at these links: Vote in Favor of HB 1241  and Landowner letter to Rep Example 2

On any emails to Delegate McIntosh, please cc Delegates Wade Kach, Dana Stein, and Dan Morhaim as well as Senator Joe Getty: