The Baltimore County Council has received recommendations from a committee charged with evaluating alterations to councilmanic districts as required after each decenial census. There will be a public hearing on the recommended changes on August 1, 2011 following the August meeting of the County Council, which begins at 6 p.m on the second floor of the court house.

The goal of the redistricting effort in Baltimore County is to bring each district to a total population figure of approximately 115,293. The most substantial adjustments required were in Districts 1 and 5; however, to achieve this, adjustments were required in all districts. VPC’s territory consists of areas within Districts 2 and 3. The recommended changes for District 2 call for the addition of precincts 04-008 and 04-010 along Main Street in Reisterstown. These two precicnts would be shifted from District 3. District 3 would pick up two precincts from District 2 along the Falls Road corridor between Seminary Avenue and Padonia Road (precincts 06-009 and 06-019). District 3 would lose a large east side precinct, 11-003 in the Kingsville area, to District 5 and pick up the smaller central precinct of 09-025 in the Timonium area.

More information on the county’s process for redistricting can be found at: