Two bills that have raised concerns among community groups are pending before the Baltimore County Council. They will be discussed at the Council’s worksession on August 30 and voted on at the September 6 legislative meeting. Bill 48-ll amends the definition of “Farmer’s Roadside Stand” and is designed to address issues that arose in the Springfield Farms case. Bill 49-11 is a re-introduction of a proposal to clarify when and how a homeowner can add an accessory or in-law apartment to the existing home or to an accessory structure. Community groups have been asking council members for additional time to consider both these bills. The Council withdrew the initial accessory apartments bill introduced in early July to allow additional time, but it was reintroduced in early August. Community groups traditionally have a hard time reaching consensus during the peak summer vacation time, and since there is no urgency to either bill, have continued to ask for additional review and comment time.

b04811 farmer’s roadside stand

b04911 accessory apts reintro